A Japanese car company that before 2013 has made pretty nasty little cars. The quality was bad, the styling was not at all pretty, and they were dreadfully slow. In recent years, the refresh came out and removed the stupid dopey grin on the front. Now they are getting better, but are still copying the German automaters.
I'm so glad your Mazda doesn't have that stupid dopey grin on the front.
by Ace327 July 06, 2015
Sorry, Comrade_Quodling but Mazda was only one of many Automakers to produce the "Wankel-Rotory-engine" - Not a Pioneer as You said. Others abandoned the Rotory after oil-leaks, burnt engines, and generally poor performance, no to mention Mercedes-Benz catastophicly lethal accidents at Lemans and elsewhere.
My Mazda is in the shop again, the damn thing was designed to leak and burn oil!
by the Guy standing, March 15, 2008
Mazda is a Japanese Automaker which produce a clone of the German "Wankel-Rotory-engine" aka Wanker-Rotary. The Japanese inventor, before starting the company known as Mazda, looked up his dictionary for the word 'Wanker', (there is no 'l' in Japanese) found the meaning to be 'one who masturbates'. Trying to find a name quickly for the clone of the German Wankel engine, the Japanese engineer simply translated the phonetics of the word (which he did not know the word of) into Japanese, and came up with 'Mazdabate'. Eventually, this was abbreviated to just 'Mazda', when the former name drew a few laughs from other more english-proficient japanese.
Omg uleh.. check out my fully sick 13B rotary.. its pure Mazdabation.
by Macadonia August 01, 2009
A piece of crap. A car you only want to buy if you are planing to commit suicide by driving a Car at 100 Mph into a wall.

Known to drive very slow on the highway.

You are better of by buying a domestic car or a Honda or Mitsubishi
Crap, that Mitsubishi Lancer 4 cylinder just over took me and my mazda 6 v 6 on the high way.
by asdfdgdfg March 07, 2010
For female drivers/owners; Mazda MX-5 is a fine piece of autmobile technology and design. It represents somewhat of a statement that its female owner has to say about herself to the world, and that is "I am young, I am beautiful, and I don´t need anybody to tell me that, since my car reflects me 100%!"

For male drivers/owners things are more or less the same, although the statement that the modern man, driving the MX5 wants to say about himself IS a bit different... So I guess it would go something like this; "I am young, I am not so beautiful, and I am gay! So women, please back off, because I suck on cocks!"
The small and nimble Mazda´s legendary Roadster explained by gender drivers/owners.
by Frankenheimer July 17, 2006
A Jap car company that has stubbornly hung with Dr. Oskermyer Weiner Wankel's rotary engine for decades longer than makes any sense. The early RX7's wheezed out about 31 horse power and produced less torque than a kid on a rocking horse. The last ones weren't much better, and did miserably in the marketplace. Equipped with more plumbing than Staten Island, rotaries can be made to made quite a few horse power for quite a few seconds. Their dying, although not worth the price of admission, is one resounding clunk followed by a colossal wheeze and a final fart. It musta taken some fantastic Gheshia blowjobs to persuade Ford to piss away millions on the latest incarnation of the would-up rubber band sounding rotary. Even mazda had sense enough to put pistons in the vast majority of their cars. Still, there's a few, very few, persnicketdy old fucks who want something inefficient and queer and Mazda's got every one of 'em in the bag.
Is that a cloud of cicadias I hear or did some queer turd just drive by in a Mazda?
by Hoze December 23, 2004
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