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a mix of 2 girls, mayuri and puja. these two are the coolest kids you'll ever meet. they're LOUD indian kids who are just too cool for you. mayuja was taken from the first 3 letters of MAYuri and the last 3 letters of pUJA.
mayuri: "'s my other half!"
puja: :omg!! mayuri i miss you!"
by puja February 17, 2005
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A combination of 2 super fly twins named Mayuri and Puja. They have mixed symptoms of being crazy, making people laugh,and being violent while hurting other people.
Beware! Its Mayuja!
Man, I wish i was as cool as Mayuja!
Did you do your Mayuja?!?!
I do Mayuja day and night.
OoOoO.. look its a pretty Mayuja.
by Mayuri February 17, 2005
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