A picky eater. Someone who won't try new things. A person that smears mayonnaise on everything.
mayonnaise on your steak? Really? What a mayonnaise face!
by bammulay March 10, 2011
Slang for semen, but when still used in the same manor as a condiment.
I like my ham sandwiches with plenty of mayonnaise!
by Weirdboyscott January 06, 2003
The white man's kryptonite!
Josh was a strong powerful suburban white male who could leap tall buildings in a single bound. But since he's been eating mayonnaise on his sandwich's he's just a lazy cracker now!
by Kcally June 17, 2008
A Texas redneck word from Jeff Foxworthy meaning "man there's".
Mayonnaise a lot of people here this evening!
by xtalmag December 27, 2012
A common substituent for sexual lubricant, most often used by the elderly.
Eloise get the Mayonnaise were all out of k-y.
by akaidiot13 August 23, 2011
An expression of observation. Can replace the term "excuse me, but did you notice..."
"Mayonnaise a lot o' Jeeps out hear in da woods!"
by Eric Schaeffer April 28, 2003
The inhabitants of County Mayo, Ireland.
The Mayonnaise are backward even by Irish standards.
by Rory the sheep October 01, 2009

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