Mayonaise is made of the salted soliders of eqyptian men. It can attributed to personalities of many american hero's. Such as Stephen King, Rick Moranis, and christina aguilara also, they can all be attributed to mayonaise
Bloody pussy farts exploded on my sisters mangina i licked it off and when i felt the smell sting my nostrills, i vomited, and it looked like mayonaise.
by Brave Little Toaster June 02, 2009
A codeword used for when you buddy is hooking up with an unattractive girl
As your boy is hooking up with a completely gross girl
::taps him on shoulder::
"Yo bro, lets hit up the deli, I'm getting a sandwich with extra mayonaise"

"Dude you put way too much mayo on that sandwich you ate for lunch
by Kevin Be. February 12, 2008
to sexually rub someone's leg slowly while saying "mayonaise" in an uncomfortable way
Jane dared me to mayonaise max on his bare leg.
by ptunia June 30, 2015
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