A codeword used for when you buddy is hooking up with an unattractive girl
As your boy is hooking up with a completely gross girl
::taps him on shoulder::
"Yo bro, lets hit up the deli, I'm getting a sandwich with extra mayonaise"

"Dude you put way too much mayo on that sandwich you ate for lunch
by Kevin Be. February 12, 2008
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What the Dutch put on french fries instead of ketchup.
I've seen 'em do it man, they fuckin' drown 'em in that shit.
by bohdave April 28, 2005
Slang for semen or ejaculate
She absolutely has a taste for Tod's mayonaise
by creamy j March 20, 2007
should be eaten with every meal
mayonaise is my second favourite white sauce.
by wins April 13, 2011
What is inside in the head of a complete moron.
Amoeba's brain is better than mayonaise in your head!
by jaelee11 February 08, 2008
one of the best songs by the smashing pumpkins
Fool enough to almost be it, cool enough to not quite see it doomed Pick your pocket full of sorrow, run away with me tomorrow june - mayonaise
by smashingpumpkinsrule November 09, 2012
the white part on white wall tires. and mustard is the yellow stripe on vogue tires
man he got dat mayonaise on da lac
by dj June 27, 2005
secretly, it means cum, shhhh!
by blondiesforeva3 May 28, 2011

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