Day of international resistance and solidarity against capitalism.

Originally a day of carnivalesque suspension of the social order of work and control, prevalent among peasant communities in mediaeval Europe. A continuation of earlier pagan festivities which continued in a syncretic way during the Christian era, with rituals such as the maypole retained. (This was originally a pagan fertility ritual).

It became a focus of international resistance for two reasons: firstly, because the campaign for Mayday to be made into a holiday was an important early campaign of the workers' movement, and secondly and more importantly, because of the Haymarket martyrs, anarchists stitched up over a bombing at a protest.
It has become an important focal point for resistance in recent years in countries such as Britain and Australia, and for a longer time in Germany. Anarchist, anti-capitalist and direct action events have been organised, as well as left-wing demonstrations and parades.
by annoyed anarchist May 05, 2004
Not sure about this one but possibly from the French "m'aidez" or Help Me!
M'aidez! M'aidez! Help me! Help me!
by Tag May 04, 2004
There are very few countries that celebrate mayday the way it deserves to be celebrated.

First of all, common misunderstanding is that mayday is 1st may. The real mayday starts 30th april and continues to very morning of first may (and sometimes even further).

It once used to be a celebration of working people, but this has been long forgotten. Nowadays, hardly anyone remembers (or cares) about the history of mayday.

The one and only proper way to celebrate mayday is pissup. Getting drunk out of your skull. Getting wasted. Whatever works for you as long as you can't walk straight.

The celebration includes (in addition to alcohol) balloons, serpentine and students doing things they regret later.
On the mayday week, alcohol sells 65% more than on any other week during the year.

More people die in alcoholic poisoning on mayday than on any other day of the year.
by Pasi Hirvonen May 02, 2004
A new national holiday on May 1st, where the U.S celebrates settling the score on the war on terror.
I often celebrate May Day by playing some Call of Duty
by Afrothundr55 May 01, 2011
From the bond movie "A View to a Kill". Mayday was a female henchmen who was a strong muscular black women. She found out she was being used and in the end ended up helping bond.
If you played the N64 Goldeneye, you may remember her as an unlockable character. Mayday
by lfletch1 May 07, 2007
Mayday: A well-known celebration at Washington College in which hundreds of students gather in a drunken, naked, crowd around the schools flag pole(which is located on the campus green). No matter who you are or what you look like, plan to get naked, because a mayday without nudity is no mayday at all. Starting april 30th and lasting all night long until the students slowly start dispersing. The occasional townie will show up with a few disposable cameras but luckily Public Safety endorses the nude and kicks them off campus... just don't try to climb the flagpole naked, or you might end up in the hospital. The festivities end after the Salisbury v. WAC game the next day known as War on the Shore
"Holy freaking crap, i saw so many titties last night at mayday."

"Oh god, i could've definetly gone without seeing that guy naked on mayday"

"If i had a nickel for every set of genitalia i saw on mayday last night, i'd have a shitload of nickels!!"
by Lesgit Nekid February 27, 2006
The promise of a pleasurable future experience, the date for which has not been specified. Derived from a similar expression regarding an item called a tuit, specifically a round one.
Sally: 'Darling, when shall we be married?'

Don: 'Mayday, my sweet, Mayday. When I get around to it.'
by Pusscat May 01, 2004

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