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maybull, or mabel is the old lady personality of a fifteen-year-old lunatic. basically, a figurative of my imagination. she likes sheeep and has many many offspring. she also disapproves of a lot of things and and completely random, not to mention, extremely horny. she would be a prostitute, but no one's stupid or desparate enough to pay her. and if your not carefull she will thrown an imaginary cat at you or try to nom you. she also haz two bezzers called irEEeeeEEeEene and brenda who are equally as mad.

brenda is small and anorexic, she has a sex problem. irEEeeeEEeEene is of medium height and has a n alcohol problem, she is also obese. maybull herself lives in a wheelchair cos she's lazy, although she can acshuly walk, she is super-obese and simply is a problem...

be very afraid....
person 1 - shrup or ill set maybull on yer

maybull - MAYYYYYBULLLLLL needs a weee.
by luna bin October 23, 2008

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