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Created from the man himself, someone who has been through so much and come out on top by using rebellious and unusual techniques, someone who breaks the rules, the he himself makes, and doesn't care about what others see in him.
Very Strong willed and never wrong.
Mother: you watch out for that boy he's a maverik!
Daughter: What's a maverik mum?
Mother: Someone who doesn't follow the rules, you don't want to get tangled up in that.
Daughter: Ooooooooh*jumps on his motorbike*
by maverik October 17, 2004
41 20
1. like if someone has really done somthing stupid like blazing oregano or story-telling all the time.

2. when you mess up
1. ummmm stupid-ass Maverik

2. Aww damn, i busted a Maverik
by Cheese Burger 1R September 11, 2009
5 10