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An element belonging to the set F, which is defined as the intersection of sets M -- the set containing all scholars of mathematics -- and W -- the set containing all women.
w1: "Hey did you see mathgirl at the party last night?"
w2: "Yeah totally, she was rocking those manifolds like it's going out of style!...Go, mathgirl!"
m1: "Hey, I saw Timmy kissing mathgirl yesterday."
m2: "What's the deal? Did he need help with his algebra homework?"
m1: "That's the only reason I would kiss a mathgirl."
by katheter June 30, 2005
45 11
A one word response used solely for the username Bubbadu (see "Bubbadued").
Bubbadu: I hate the fact that real estate prices are so artificially high in my area, it makes it so hard to get a foot in the real estate door these days...

Response: Mathgirl
by AStar617 January 21, 2005
1 20