'mas-t&r + 'pimp

Combining the words masturbate and pimp to define the dastardly art of self-promotion when posting to message boards, forums and the like. Much like self-pleasuring yourself in real life, masturpimping is when you promote your site or yourself online.
EvilISCABBSSysop1 : Will someone PERMA-TWIT that guy already? All he is doing is masturpimping his website and it's starting to piss everyone off.

Adonis : Done. ***TWITs Pabo Wakataeo (AGAIN) ***

AndyB : At least he's funny, you guys are boring.

Adonis : ***TWITs AndyB***

AndyB yells faintly from the dungeon : HEY!!!
by mrd00d January 16, 2007
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