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Masturbizzle can be defined as self-stimulizzles ta cause sexual sensations cuz I'm fresh out the pen. The use of tha word masturbizzles usually suggests tizzy tha person is chillin' his or her genitals ta tha point of intense pleasure or orgasm. I'm a bad boy wit a lotta hos. (Orgasm brotha ta a period of intense excitement in which genital muscles enta in ta a series of highly-pleasurable contractions or movements). So bow down to the bow wow!

While masturbizzle can involve brotha person, most of us thizzink of it as a very private act. Ho-slappin' ta some health care brotha masturbizzle allows a healthy way ta express & explore yo sexuality n ta releaze sexual tension witout all tha associated risks of sexual intercourse. Chill as I take you on a trip. Health professizzles generally agree tizzle this private touch'n is a natural, normal mode of self-explorizzles n sexual expression . I started yo shit and I'll end yo' shit! Unfortunatizzle, brotha, tha excitement of tha moment has passed, many thugz find themselves filled wit guilty n or shame.

In tha 1970's n 1980's, a woman named B-E-Double-Tizzy Dodson, Ph.Dizzle, achieved mizzay fizzle fizzle her approach ta masturbizzles. She actually held classes fo` bitchez ta teach them how ta masturbate. She thought that in orda fo` bitchez ta overcome certain degrees of repression tizzy she believed were instilled by tha church, bitchez needed ta learn how ta "celebrizzles they bodies where the sun be shinin and I be rhymin'.
I'm gonna go masturbizzle while I watch these two dogs fuck!
by Clit Eatswood August 07, 2006
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