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A break from masturbation for an extended period of time
Ari: I haven't jerked off in forever!
Max: Same, I am on a clean streak.
Jon: Oh you are on a masturbbatical!
by mhmuss February 09, 2014
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n. A period of leave from masturbation. Usually self-imposed by males to increase productivity on set assignments and at work in an attempt to avoid the consequences of procrasturbation.

Also used as a remedy for wanker's arm, wanker sores and the effects of masturbeating.
My penis is so sore I think I need to take a masturbbatical.

This paper is due next week. I need to take a masturbbatical, I have been procrasturbating so long I will never finish it in time.

I wanked so much today I think I may require a masturbbatical.

My cock took such a masturbeating the other day that I need to take a masturbbatical.
by Off For A Pint May 19, 2014

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