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adj. - An unattainable woman of strong sexual allure, or a woman seen from afar, and subjected to a brief, intense focus of lustful thought without any serious consideration to pursue.

The word is a combination of the words "masturbate" and "delicious" to imply a woman of sufficient attractiveness to induce masturbation, as a consequence of her lack of availability
"Dude check out that chick, she is totally masturbatious. I can't wait to go home either with or without her"
by Philip Thomas June 29, 2008
To have the aire of masturbation, to look like a masturbator.
My, you're looking very masturbatious tonight
by Nep1229 August 19, 2008
the act of master baiting to a hot woman you just saw on the streets
"That is one totally masturbatious chick, I can't wait to get home with or without her"
by ThePizzaDeliveryMan June 29, 2008