Someone who is an avid enthusiast of masturbation. They take great joy in the act of self pleasure. This may include advanced techniques, controlled settings such as candle light and background music, complex fantasies and even foreplay. Masturbationalists typically have vivid imaginations and pay close attention to the details.
Undra, an avid masturbationalist, enjoyed lighting candles and listening to Kenny G while pleasuring himself for hours at a time.
by Li. N. Ken March 01, 2009
Top Definition
a Masturbationalist, is simply a person who finds that masturbation is the answer to all problems in the world.
bob: Hey, jim, why dont you join us masturbationalists?

jim: yeah? and how would that solve all the existing problems these days?

bob: thats a good question... you'll just have to masturbate to find out, eh?

Jim: hm... sounds good.. i think i will join the masturbationalists, then

bob: good sure you'll like it
by Krimson~ November 03, 2006
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