that friggin car mr garison invented thats like 3 dicks.. south park is silly!
informer me snow come from jamaica licka boom bom dooo
by deenie July 08, 2004
Top Definition
A nice, if often oddly colored car, purchased and driven poorly by a dork that, quite correctly, thinks it is the only way in hell he might ever score a babe that might possibly be made hot in a glamor shot, if then.
Check out the tool in the masturbation-fueled car.
by Todd December 10, 2003
A car whose owner can only afford to run it by making regular donations to the sperm bank
Damn I just got caught by a speed camera and my fuel tank is empty and my insurance needs renewing. I calculate that to cover this cost I need to make 72 donations to the sperm bank. Or ask my boss for a payrise but that would involve less orgasms for me.
by Jigs got a passport February 19, 2004
Pee Wee Hermans car on the way to the movietheater.
Paul Rueubens, a k a "Pee Wee Herman", drove his masturbation-fueled car to see a film and was arrested July 26 1991 for jerking off at the South Trail Cinema, an XXX theatre. Editor's note: one wonders whether that should even be a crime at all. Reubens paid a $50 fine and did various and sundry community services. Children's television will never be the same.
by frizz February 27, 2004
Describing the, "Masturbation-fueled car" is very simple. Designed in the future seeing how the world was corrupted by computers/video games, the common male couldn't get, "Laid." So, GM(General Motors} created the, "Masturbation-fueled car." Also known as the, "MFC" To help the common loser, geek, nerd, and loner. Soon to be created by the makers of the, "MFC."

The MF Powered Motorcycle
The MF Powered Lawn Mower
The MF Powered Truck
The MF Powered Air Plane (to prevent terrorist attacks)
The MF Powered Boat
The MF Powered Water Jet
The MF Powered Gym Shoes
The MF Corperation


"Traveling 0-50 with a stiffy"
by Sayitlikeit_is September 11, 2004
One who shakes hands with the man so frequently ,he pumps himself just as much as he pumps gas, hence producing so much semen that equals as much gas one puts into their car
"Didn't your MaMa eva" tell you to stop driving the masturbation fueled car?"
by Gina January 28, 2004
A penis.
I got a masterbation fueld car.
by daman October 28, 2003
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