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The mental process one employs to catalog sights, sounds and smells within the confines of their brain's memory center so they can be recalled as needed to provide additional stimulus to heighten one masturbatory experience. This allows for more expedient retrieval of the images so they can be inserted at the appropriate time and place in the fantasy, as captured or embellished by the user, to optimize their expression of self love.
As Julie assisted Michael with the preparation for his medical tests, she filed the image of his glowing alabaster skin and thick, manly pelt in her masturbation roladex for later use when she was alone in bed with her favorite playtoy, a roll of Brawny paper towels and a 12 pack of Duracells.
by Gregg A. July 13, 2006
A Porno magazine ! What else?
After I take a big shit, I'll woop out the masturbation roladex and shine some pages.
by choug October 13, 2006
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