The act which makes people go blind, insane and have hairy palms.
"Damn, I can tell you've been masturbating again." "Huh? who said that?"
by mass-turd-bait March 07, 2003
What people do when they are too lazy to go to the bathroom instead.
Half of the time you don't even have to masturbate because you can just go to the bathroom instead.
by aNoNyMoUs June 21, 2004 master the art of fishing or the way to catch fish, by using bait
did u master bait for the trip weekend?
by bait masterer October 12, 2004
What I do when thinking of J. Jordan.
He's my swarthy little Bolshevik Med, get your own!
by Emilia Fulci June 11, 2004
You people are missing beating your meat as a synonym. And sex so beats masturbation's ass. Maybe your bf or gf just suck at sex... stick to giving head instead, lameasses.
go and masturbate, or whatever you dumbasses want to call it.
by Get it right, bitches. December 14, 2005

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