when yu feel ur self after bein soo horny dat yu cant take it no mo,

or the act of havin sexual pleasure by urself o ur partner doin it fo yu,

or again feelin ur

guys: dick aka cock

female: pussy

in a way dat yu feel lyk ur havin sex 4 real.;)
i wuz so n so horny dat i wudn't take it no mo n chose to masturbate,

i lyk masturbating it feelz so uhhhh nicee

p.s im from masturbatin befo' writin dis def;)
by im fresh n yes! ooohhh yesssss April 26, 2009
mas-tur-bait, verb. self-stimulation of the genetalia which may or may not end in an orgasm
mother: "I'd better not catch you touching yourself down there again!"
teenager: "Mom! I swear I wasn't..."
mother: "Well, let me tell you this, every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten!"
teenager: "I guess I should think of the kittens."
by Neddy Ludd March 10, 2006
pulral of masturbat
the dog masterbates the man.
by jessica March 16, 2005
throwing the javelin
alan threw the javelin several times during the PE lesson
by Thomas Edward Ivens May 03, 2003
Taming the one eyed ogre, One hand Solo, Going Commando, Shaking hands with mister happy, Tuning the fork, Playing the ace,
Mark liks to masturbate to pictures of jesse
by Con May 26, 2003
Shaking hands with benjamin franklin
johnny went to the white house to see the presidents wife and shake hands with benjamin franklin
by Anonymous May 09, 2003
The way men who are doomed to be virgins forever pleasure themselves. The best way to do it is to use the forehand technique. Trust me, I know. Seriously though, if you can reach an orgasm, you are a true man. SO go try it, do it in front of your mother, your father if you're gay. Which i'm not. So i never did it in front of my father. Trust me.
Dude, while i had an orgy last night with 69 girls, you and your dad masturbated and 69'd. own3d.
by Master Masturbate June 07, 2005

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