To "play" with one's self until orgasm.
(Dude 1) I masturbated ALL night last night to your grandmother

(Dude 2) WTF? What's wrong with you?
#masturbate #play #screw #lonely #orgasm
by What? Don't look at me January 22, 2009
to "pull the goalie, wank it, jerk it, or to have solo-sex"
little time pulled the goalie but didn't tell his mom he was wanking it.
by Anonymous July 16, 2003
1. When a naughty little man is feeling horny and so he plays with his baboingaboing whilst veiwing pornography.
2. When a lonely, horny girl pretty much fingers herself, usually while thinking of something exciting or having cybersex.
3. Something all guys do. usually cause they cant get laid.
1. With his girlfriend away, Kobu mastubated every night while thinking of her.
2. Maria, the star tuba player in her band class, enjoys her monday nights masturbating in front of the computer instead of practicing.
3. Cameron (female): do you masturbate?
John: um YES!!
Cameron: OMG me too!!
#materbator #jack off #baboingaboing #sex #finger fuck
When a man or women plays with there testicular area...vagina/penis
Mike likes to masturbate a lot.
So does Ashley.
#5 to 1 #jerkin it #playing with ur self #freeing willy #finding nemo #pollishing the bishop #yanking the chain #jerkin the glerkin #floggin the dolphin
by Yank me January 01, 2007
Tune the skin flute.
I masturbated last night, good to keep the skin flute in tune.
#wank #jack #choke #stroke #beat
by Jakeofclubs April 25, 2006
to masturbate is when a girl touches her front bottom and clitoris until its wet or a boy touches his willy until its wet and masturbation is done for fun because some people want to do sex but cant or they just feel like it and the wet stuff that comes out can make a white patch in your pants or knickers and people do not normally touch their private parts in public
oh and im touching my front bottom and oo yeah im tickling my clitoris ohh yeah mmmm all the wet stuffs coming out its all over my fingers ooooo mmm im fingering my front bottom

oh and ive got my willy and im touching it all over and the we t stuff is coming out ooo mmm and it feels goood ohh yeah when i masturbate i get really excited
#masturbate #front #bottom #willy #touch
by vaginal fluid November 11, 2006
To play with oneself until one reaches and is dancing on the top of the mountain
The fat ugly guy couldn't make me come, so I waited until he passed out from exhaustion and then I masturbated.
by thatgirldrinkinglemonade July 09, 2003
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