The act of stroking a cock or fingering a pussy until a sperm whale shoots out of either one also known as a climax or orgasm
oh ohhhh oooh OH OH SHIT! AWW YAH OH OH *sperms* ahhhhh i love to masturbate
by jonny boy4444444 September 11, 2011
its a proven fact that if girls masturbate more then 4 times a week the chances of getting cancer goes down 1/4
wow my chances go down 1/ gonna go masturbate
by siemens47 February 28, 2007
verb. perform a form of pleasure to ones self. perform a form of pleasure onto someone.
i need to masturbate im to horny to talk.
by deek22 April 22, 2006
to pleasure oneself; to extract semen manually
Today Johnny wanted to masturbate, but was worried that his mother would catch him and tell him that he would go blind.
by Skeet Masta May 08, 2006
verb. screwing someone you love.
I love to masturbate
by thegeneral069 April 07, 2011
to stroke your penis till it becomes a fountain of white liquid at the same time moaning like after a maraton
I stroke my hard cock till i cum all over my bed

when the door open my dad caught me masturbating
by Calvin April 05, 2005
to pleasure yourself with your penis and your hand.
Note to self: dont masturbate when your pointing to your eyes.
by awefjawoijge June 01, 2003

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