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The greatest and largest weekly rave venue ever to hit Los Angeles in the late 90's thru 2001 venue in San Bernadino, CA. With 3 areas in Trance, Hardcore, and Drum N Bass. This venue was large enough to accomadate 3-4000 people weekly for over 20 months strong. If ever there was a rave venue that could pack week after week regarless of the show, it was The Masterdome. Long live... masterdome matt,
Whole *#!%, that party at the Masterdome last Saturday was freaking CRACKIN! I love raves!
by Masterdome Matt January 05, 2004
(1.) The largest dome of a building, located in the scenic main lobby.

(2.) A variant of Mastercard. For every time you give dome, you earn points that can be used for anything.
(1.) The Jefferson Memorial Building packs one hell of a Masterdome!!!

(2.) ...And I can ride my bike with no Masterdome, no Masterdome, no Masterdome..." See Guys, I don't have to do that stuff to buy things!!!
by Crikeey Dundee March 08, 2009
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