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The epitome of being Nick Baker. To be completely baked out, being THE nick baker, and banging random girls. Also, wishing to bang random random girls. Sometimes, being home all alone and wishing you were banging random girls.
He just master bakered that hoe.
by THE Nick Baker December 31, 2008

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1) This is a person of supreme status within the baking community. 2) They love a great fiddle and are great to conclude, real professionals. 3) Great with cupcakes as well as in the bedroom.
Danny: I m telling you Naomi is a MasterBaker
Kevin: I hear the same and she s cooking up some great smells to......

Josh: Wow she really knows what men want that Dorris
Hero Naxan: Shes one hell of a Masterbaker she is
by dannyzz July 02, 2010
a baker or pastry chef that masturbates
bob: wow, that guy is masturbating into a donut

cindy lou: he must be a master baker

bob: masturbater?

cindy lou: no, a master baker

llama: baaa!!!
by kiki maleki October 08, 2011