The word Masshole is generally associated with people from Massachusetts, who tend to drive recklessley and aggressively, as well as be all around assclowns.

This is fine when they remain withing the borders of their own shitty state, but becomes a problem when they decide to leave it ( i.e., to go to New Hampshire to avoid horrendous Massachusetts taxes ).

Massholes themselves are often proud of this term. This stems from the fact that they are extremely proud of their state ( God knows why, amiright? ), and thus will defend any and all of their stupidity to the last man. Therefore, you should never attempt to engage a Masshole in conversation with the intent of explaining to them why their stupidity needs to stop ( or really, for any purpose ).

Massholes can take almost any form, from conservative, suburban mothers, with a horde of brats in tow, ( generally being intensely rude to the perceived sub-humans of whatever state they projecting their shithole onto ) driving an expensive SUV ( sometimes even a Suburban, no pun intended ) at extremely reckless speeds, to broke ass fake-Irish Red Sox fanboys, who will doubtless be attempting to evade Massachusetts sales taxes by buying metric shit tons of cheap alcohol in New Hampshire.

If you are forced to engage one in conversation, make sure to point out to them that if their state is so great, they should really go back to it, quickly.
Masshole: Well, fuck you. Massachusetts has the Patriots AND the Red Sox, what the hell do you have?

New Hampshire Resident: Well... a peaceful environment, low unemployment, low crime, and unfortunately, a whole lot of Massholes like you.

Masshole: Why don't you just go back to Cow Hampshire then?

New Hampshire Resident: Well, I already am in New Hampshire. Why don't you go back to Massachusetts, and stop mucking up my state?

Masshole: ...
by proudcowhampshireresident April 18, 2011
An overtly religious person who thinks it's acceptable to behave like a complete asshole because they have just been to mass and therefore god has absolved them of all their sins, giving them carte blanche to act like a total shithead.
I'm sick of these Massholes parking across my driveway every Sunday!
by WalterWhite52 July 13, 2015
A particular type of resident (actually, denizen) of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts who is (1) loud, stoooppyd, and hidebound, (2) who has no connections between their shriveled brains and any parts of their bodies, especially their hands and legs that are supposed to control their caaahh (automobile) and their mouths, which make drunks from other states seem articulate and sophisticated in comparison.

Their baseball team, the Boston Red Sox is one to which they are fanatically devoted, despite that team's mediocre record, but entertaining performances. Likewise they express their collective and massive inferiority complex by acting lame, stupid and hostile to even the most trivial item or word related to the New York Yankees, including New York residents in general, especially when the Sox get massacred by the Yankees, which seems to happen all the time.

In general, you can always know that you're in the presence of a Masshole, when you get a strong sensation in your gut which makes you pray that this thing should immediately crawl back into the crevice from which it came.
When visiting New Hampshire, a Masshole will refer to that state as "Cow New Hampshire" (please note the "originality"), and if they happen to be seen next to an actual New Hampshire cow, it is the cow that comes off as more polite, educated and has a less offensive odor.
by Fledfrombeantown. May 28, 2012
People from Massachusettes, usually pretty cool, but are referred to Massholes by out-of-state people that are jealous (i.e. Cow Hampshire).
While in New Hampshire, it is not uncommon to be called "Masshole" by the locals when it becomes obvious you're not from around there.
by Massholes337 August 28, 2008
Spoiling the Mass Effect 3 ending so bad you have to stop playing the game and having to go play something else. All cause of some idiot fan-boy that didn't like the ending. And that's all you keep talking about on your blog,twitter,Facebook page and you won't shut up! about it.
Mass Hole

Sheppard dies at the ending of mass Effect 3 IF you didn't know that already OOPS! sorry I spoiled the ending I am mad at Bioware and I am filing a complaint with the FCC. Cause I am a complete loser and I have way to much time on my hands.
by Social Assassin March 19, 2012
Different than the traditionally accepted definition of a bad driver from Massachusetts. In this sense, a masshole is a person who is rude and belongs to the uneducated masses. An asshole from the rude, uneducated masses. A low class asshole in essence.
I hate shopping at Walmart. There is a masshole in every aisle.
by On-the-ROQ August 27, 2012
A person who is a resident of a New England state other than Massachusetts, usually New Hampshire, Maine or Vermont, but was originally a resident of Massachusetts. That's right, they still drive and swear and flip people off exactly the way they were taught when they lived in MA, but now try to act as though they never lived there. Many of them commute to Massachusetts every day for work which is odd when you think of all career opportunities available in the north country, like Septic Tank Specialist, Forest Ranger or Aluminum Can Scavenger/Refunder.
These are the true Massholes.
Man, that guy I work with from New Hampshire is always trash talking Massachusetts even though he probably can't even spell it. He's one really big masshole.
by Massman July 03, 2013
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