Massachusetts + Asshole = Masshole
I'm a masshole and I'm proud of it!
Sox and Pats kick ass!
by JasonGiambi December 10, 2004
Combination of two words- major & asshole
by Monarch Beauty August 04, 2012
One who drives like a jerk, doesn't know how to drive, or drives really slow. These people are from Massachusetts (hence the term masshole)
I missed my exit cause the masshole in front of me was talking on his cellphone
by DizzyLizzy November 20, 2006
Any no driving asshole from the state of Massachusetts.Identifiable by Massachusetts licence plates on the vehicle
Look at that Masshole!! Turning right, with no signal light, from the left hand traffic lane...
by chica December 21, 2002
Person from New England who believes they can do no wrong, no matter what.
That Masshole just shot up with heroin, then murdered my brother, and wonders what everyone else's problem is.
by MizBossyboots April 10, 2010
A driver of a vehicle with Massachusetts licence plates, that is slow moving, driving erratically or driving witout any direction. Usually refered to in this manner by other New England drivers such as R.I., Conn. or N.H.
"This Masshole better move out of my way or I am gonna throw my chowda at his caw"
by Catherine Wallace May 20, 2004
Massachusetts Asshole. Dickish, loud, ignorant despite living near the most prestigious colleges in the country, elitist, bad driver, jealous of New York, lives in an overpriced shithole with nothing to show for it, yet proud of it for some reason.
Normal Person: You're such a fucking Masshole. Why is that?

Masshole: Uhhh....errrr....Yankees suck!
by Nuevo York January 27, 2008
A person who is a total asshole and lives in Massachusetts. The epitome of a masshole is their former governor and Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.
Former Governor Mitt Romney proved just how big a masshole he is when he made the MTA chair a scapegoat in the Big Dig collapse that killed a woman just for his own national ambitions.
by S.E. Nelson May 21, 2008

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