Any no driving asshole from the state of Massachusetts.Identifiable by Massachusetts licence plates on the vehicle
Look at that Masshole!! Turning right, with no signal light, from the left hand traffic lane...
by chica December 21, 2002
A masshole is a man sized asshole that a woman has for sexual intercourse. It is the best to perform a pink sock with.
Guy: "That was a nice masshole took all of it in."
by Dem0k May 05, 2011
Someone who is always always trying to get you to go to their church or accept their faith.
Greg is such a masshole, he's always talking about how great Christianity is.
by TheTurdBurgler June 28, 2011
One who thinks they are a great friend because they took the time to send a mass text to everyone in their address book a generic holiday greeting.
''Aw, look! Deric sent me a 'Happy New Year!' text! Isn't that special?''

"Don't get too excited. He sent that to over 200 people. He's just being a masshole."
by Boffo the Wonder Sheep January 13, 2010
an idiot who thinks new england nature is astro turf,one who may live near where Emerson was but thinks literacy is being able to read a Keno ticket. When you are in the midst of a pack of such lowlifes, one is in utter amazment that Harvard is in the same state
Good God Martha, Are those dreadful Masshole types playing golf now too?
by J.P.Upswitch the third July 11, 2008
A dipshit from Massachusetts. Usually: a driver from Massachusetts, whom everyone hates (did i use whom right? i never kno) To be accompanied with a flash of the middle finger.
You Masshole!! Learn how to drive!
by Eric Dion September 16, 2003
An apocryphal depiction that is complete nonsense especially of those residing in Boston. They are the slowest drivers on the road. My grandmother drives faster than half of massachusetts.
Massholes are known for low cruising speeds, driving below the speed limit, and riding the brake.
by b0ooooooo April 29, 2010
1.massive asshole 2. extremely moronic or difficult person 3.someone with an obese buttocks area
1.WOW! Ronald Reagan was an asshole,but George a real MASSHOLE!2. I'll have to use widescreen to get Gabourey Sidibe's masshole to fit on my tv screen.
by nefisch March 13, 2010
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