Any no driving asshole from the state of Massachusetts.Identifiable by Massachusetts licence plates on the vehicle
Look at that Masshole!! Turning right, with no signal light, from the left hand traffic lane...
by chica December 21, 2002
Asshole from Massachusetts. Most commonly used for describing Massachusetts (Boston)drivers
I can't believe that Mass-hole just blew through that red light.
by Tanuki01 September 04, 2008
A resident of the state of Massachusetts who is in asshole (pretty much all of us). We are proud of it too.
Why do so many massholes go to New Hampsire?
by U gotta love boston August 05, 2008
An Asshole from Massachusetts
you are a masshole...
by butchCWI January 01, 2009
Masshole: An asshole; either originating from or currently living in the state of Massachusetts. Is prone to bragging about the Red Sox or the Kennedys.
Steve: Well we are just like Connecticut, except we have the Red Sox and the Kennedys. GO RED SOX!!! OVA DAH MONSTAH!

Jim: Wow. Steve is such a masshole.
by Ben Paul December 18, 2007
What we Rhode Islanders call the Massachusett drivers, when they drive like crap, ie: cutting people off, no directional signal, changing lanes three at a time or better yet passing in the breakdown lane.
Loook at that mass-hole, he just cut across three lanes with no directional
by 97jeepgrand January 20, 2010
Those Massachusetts licensees who drive in upstate New York at excessive speed and tailgate slower drivers. They are prime targets of New York State Troopers on parkways and interstates. This behavior derives from the greater degree of urbanization of greater Boston, with its attendant accelerated pace of life, and the lax enforcement of speed limits by Massachusetts police.
"Pull into the right lane and let that Masshole in the SUV pass you out"
by OtterKitty June 20, 2013
Mix 1 part Massachusetts + 1 part asshole = MASSHOLE.
"Jason Wiseman is a total masshole!"
by GFYjasonwiseman October 15, 2012

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