the title of the somewhat controversial cd by 50 cent including such tracks as Ski mask, candy shop, disco inferno, piggy bank, and others. This was probably titles the massacre because he tries to talk about a lot of people, rappers, and hoods.
From Ski Mask Way on The Massacre

"m tryin to stay out them pens, so I switched states
Bad news V-A now that sounds great
I see niggas wit that ice on, rims shined up
This towns one big pussy waitin to get fucked"
by Phil March 06, 2005
massacre: Australian slang describing an agressive act.
massacre: muslim term for "how to treat your wife".
massacre: African-Amercian term for beautiful woman.
Australian: I massacrerd her box.
Australian:I massacrerd that pie.
Muslim: You shouldnt let her do that son, you should massacre her.
Africian-Amercian: Hey ho, your fully massacre arnt ya?
by Saussage May 02, 2004

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