A state located in the northeast section of the country that is entirely populated by assholes, is stricken with horrible weather year round, and has the worst drivers and roads in the entire country; but you still would rather live there than anwywhere else in the world.
Thank god I live in massachusetts and not one of those crappy states.
by oberstlieutnant July 24, 2005
Also known as "Taxachusetts," this state is the official effete snob state of New England. Official pastimes of this state include; Red Sox baseball, Patriots football, paying high taxes, daily brushes of death on the highway (esp. Rt. 128), and paying more taxes. According to 2000 Census records, Massachusetts was the only state in the union to lose population.

Massachusetts has two main redeeming qualities. The first is it's proximity to sale-tax-free New Hampshire, which results in savings to residents of the North Shore. The second is the residency of Jeff Johnson, Urban Dictionary Laureate (see Scale of Dinosaurs).
Dick: Hello, I'm from Massachusetts.
Jane: You poor bastard.
by Granite-State-Or-Bust June 08, 2005
State where people cannot elect decent senators
Ted Kennedy and John Kerry...oy vey these people have to get rid of the liberalism!!!!!
by bryan August 21, 2005
Also known as Massatwoshits to out of staters and local youth, who are in turn called Massholes. Generally white middle class Democrats live here, but also home to some liberals. One of the only states where gay marriage is legalized, of course you must stay in Mass if you would like to stay married. Corruption of youth and government is high, but at least we have some good schools, like Harvard, which we can hold over everyone else and be like "Yeah, bitches, we're taking ALL your money!" Also has dunkin donuts and other places where people who can't walk a quarter mile can get really really fat. Then there's Boston, which would be cool if New York didn't have New York City, so Boston inevitably sucks, but we still have red sox and patriots and other teams, whose fans are pshyco, but have LOTS of spirit, so don't mess with them. Good place for drinking and meeting random people.
"Stupid Massatwoshits Massholes think they're so great cause Massachusetts is full of lameass Suburbs and shit!"
by some masshole July 09, 2006
The state simply known as MA or MASS due to an impressive and consistant illiteracy rate among truck drivers, postal workers and tax collectors, who are the only people who care it exists.
This is my friend Jim, he's from Boston.
by supraturtle September 10, 2003
complete shithole. Nothing to do except go to Boston where you still have to endure the redsox fan who think they are so tight. Everyone here is cheap and think that having no money makes you better than everyone else. Go Yankees, go low taxes, screw gay marriage, fuck mass.
man we are betts than everyone else because we from massachusetts
by Yankees1234567890 July 11, 2008
a state in new england, directly north of conneticut and rhode island. the people in this state think that because they can afford $600 handbags paid for by dear ol mummy and daddy's credit card,and because their dear red sox finally won a world series after 86 YEARS OF CHOKING, that automatically makes them superior to the rest of the united states. in conversation, people in massachusetts most commonly will talk about their favorite subject- how "wicked bad" the 26-time world series champion yankees are. they will never own up to the fact that they are very jealous of the yankees. many massachusetts people are narrow-minded twits who won't listen to any critism of any kind, especially regarding sports. they might be too busy cheering, "YANKEES SUCK"-at a basketball game very unrelated to baseball- to hear you.
by don't start with me January 15, 2005

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