Also known as Massatwoshits to out of staters and local youth, who are in turn called Massholes. Generally white middle class Democrats live here, but also home to some liberals. One of the only states where gay marriage is legalized, of course you must stay in Mass if you would like to stay married. Corruption of youth and government is high, but at least we have some good schools, like Harvard, which we can hold over everyone else and be like "Yeah, bitches, we're taking ALL your money!" Also has dunkin donuts and other places where people who can't walk a quarter mile can get really really fat. Then there's Boston, which would be cool if New York didn't have New York City, so Boston inevitably sucks, but we still have red sox and patriots and other teams, whose fans are pshyco, but have LOTS of spirit, so don't mess with them. Good place for drinking and meeting random people.
"Stupid Massatwoshits Massholes think they're so great cause Massachusetts is full of lameass Suburbs and shit!"
by some masshole July 09, 2006
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n. A whole lot of chusetts
That is one serious massachusetts.
by none ya bidness June 18, 2003
Most dencely populated per square mile state in the northeast. Known for the Redsox, Patriots, bad drivers, highways with two different names (128 is I-95, for all you out-of-staters), Dunkin Donuts, wicked bad gramma, friggin cold winters, wicked hot summers, unpredictable weather, and people who hate the New York Yankees.
I'm from Boston Massachusetts and I drive betta than you.
by Steve1988 September 13, 2005
greatest state ever

home to the world champion patriots AND RED SOX!!!

Red Sox are awesome we never lost the faith yankees suck

and thats why massachusetts is awesome
massachusetts is awesome because we have TWO champion teams
by Jared November 12, 2004
Home of the World Champion Boston Red Sox AND New England Patriots.
Person #1: I'm from Boston
Person #2: Damn you. I'm from St. Louis and we're your bitch
by YankeesSuck December 09, 2004
State where I was born, live in, and mostly likely will die in. The best state in the United States. It is a cold place in the winter months but never gets too hot and it is not as heavily taxed as most states these days, it is 34th out of 50 making the Taxachusetts insult obsolete now. It has more culture than the rest of New England, great universities, and an exstensive amount of history.
Massachusetts was the sixth state to join the Union.
by hasafienda January 18, 2005
The state name that everyone hates spelling.
Tommy: Brian, how do you spell, "Massachusetts?"

Brian: Fuck you, Tommy.
by soske November 04, 2006
A very wonderful state located in the always beautiful new england. Cold snowy winters,warm sunny summers,colorful treed autumns,and flowering springs. Home of the most wonderful Boston Red sox and New England Patriots. Let me add that westfield is the bestfield of mass.
Red sox and pats rule Mass
by Elizabeth from bestfield January 21, 2005

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