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What negro's in the slave times called their masters.
"I picked dah cotton massa! May I get mah cornbread now massa?"
by Jamal Zubaruba, Son of Kebar June 03, 2004
how the old school black dudes said master
Master: get to the toolshed boy
Black dude: oh yessa massa I gon be a gud nigga
by Ninjalo June 04, 2004
1) A ghetto way to say "Master"
2) Accompanied by Yessa in the front, the appropriate way to say yes to an adult
Teacher: Get on the floor bitch!
Student: Yessa Massa!
by Thomas Hersh February 03, 2004
A foolish or incompetent person

(London / SE Britain c. 2010)
"He dropped the ball. What a massa!"
by Luke Mauser April 10, 2014
The reason that black people were opressed. Nuff' said.
"oh yessa sir massa'iz gon be sold?"

"Mmm Mama! Is Massa' gonna sell us tommorow? Yes! Yessss!Yes!"

"Uhh no sir massa' iz aint havin yo bab!"
by Tiara , Chris January 11, 2008
Master slang
Ghetto slang for Master
Katie: BAD! You can't do that.
Ben: Oh yessa massa, please don't hurt me. ;)
by Katie June 10, 2004
A confusing blow job.
I'm not sure why I deserved a Massa. He's not even gay, supposedly.
by Smurfington March 10, 2010