Noun. refering to one's fat. Mostly belly fat.

Etimology: From distortion language widely used in Miami Lakes/Hialeah.From spanish massa, which is what you get when u add water to flour which is used to make tortillas.
"Would you like to grab my mass and shake it like there's no tomorrow?"
by Chingon December 15, 2005
Large amount of muscle
Ant Lee got that MASS cuz
by Billy Bobb September 07, 2005
anything and everyfuckenthing - verb, noun, adjecive, condom

"it is a mass small object"
by oblivion cunt October 13, 2003
Northern California's top Filipino/Asian party throwers
That MASS party was poppin!
by Gerard April 26, 2003
mass (verb): to fabricate a lie with no specific purpose or gain other than forcing one to be uncertain of the truth even when told the truth; to joke or lie about something spontaneously against an individual while remaining completely composed to complete the illusion of seriousness; sometimes involves a group where one individual who isn't aware of the truth is massed upon; to fuck with
Greegins: "I got my video all pumped, man."
Bilbo: "You get that ATI X800 sheenen?"
Greegins: "Actually, I got the ATI X800."
Bilbo: "OOHH, gracious!"
Greegins: "Nah. But when I get it, it will be."
Bilbo: "Don't mass!"
by pquijal September 25, 2004
The butt-ox of a man.
--Did you see Oz yesterday?
--Yeah...not bad, but too much mass.
by Mass April 18, 2004
to chill, hang out, or relax with a group of friends and family
Hey Man, let's go mass.

Hey Man, I'm enjoying the massing were doing.

What a good Mass session
by poop December 13, 2003
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