Noun. An obundance of male ass, combination of the two, when a guy moons you, you get a face full MASS, another term for guy ass
Noun. Excessive guys in a room, similar use to sausage
Dude I was changing in the locker room and there was MASS everwhere!
by Brettc7 March 19, 2006
A word meaning my ass, shortened to Mass
Example 1: "Dude, Mass hurts."

Exapmle 2: "Mass got pounded last night."

Example 3: "Stop touching Mass."
by GeneralMudButt November 30, 2011
Very, extremely
That party was mass cool!
by Vanilla Rice April 29, 2003
the two words 'my ass' put together
steven: damn do you see that girl ass

mike: hell yeah

jill: stop looking at mass
by king12 January 15, 2009
a hybrid of mold and ass or mossy ass. hence, "mass"
move your mass, fuckwit


christ, someone's mass is stinking up the place
by kaijaisfuckingrad July 10, 2008
An insult for a fat or large person.
Hey your such a mass!
by Cod Rainer June 15, 2007
Used by country/redneck teenagers, the word mass comes to mean great or awesome.
Did y'all go to the truck pull last night? Those diesel trucks were lookin' pretty mass.
by Tabbatha August 03, 2006

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