retarded; but the hottest sexiest guy ever! in the band Metro Station;; lead singer and backup guitarest. He is hilarious and adorable. amazing voice.
no one can compare to MASON MUSSO.
by Kelsey <3 June 12, 2008
Top Definition
a member of the band metro station
and brother of mitchel musso (star on hannah montana)
mason musso has really funky hair and wears coats made of fake fur
by happimaddi April 01, 2008
sex god.
will make you orgasm with one look.
it is not possible to keep it in your pants when he's around.
the only thing you can think about when he's around is his 125 inch penis and his rough sex hair!
"Mason Musso makes me hot"

"I wish Mason Musso was in my pants right now!"
by sexysecretadmirer January 08, 2010
Mason Musso is the lead singer and back up guitarist of the band metro station

He is absolutely gorgeous and has great taste in clothing.

Also his voice is AMAZING
by SophieMusso July 23, 2009
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