A man who exudes total confidence in all situations. A masher will back down to no man, and often emerges decidedly victorious from any physical confrontation or daring act. As a result of the mashers extreme confidence, a masher is no stranger to having his way with many an attractive woman.
Though he's a raging anti-semite, Mel Gibson does have littany of masher roles to complement his body of work
by mstephen November 20, 2007
A very large lungful of smoke (marijuana or tobacco) prefixed by a nice smoke trick.
Man you just took a MASHER hit off that joint!
by nullacc June 13, 2009
used humorously to talk about a handset which has a big size.
how much did you buy that masher
by Alishahbaz May 14, 2010
A person who plays computer games (especially fighting games) with the use of his/her lightning fast reflex of randomly pushing/bashing/smashing and yanking each and every button (including the buttons of the player next to him/her) on the contoller/arcade without any idea what the hell they're doing.
Arcade Newbies play by being a masher.
by redleijustice March 21, 2006
A stupid, foolish person
Alana is such a masher!
James is a mashpot
You are totally mashed.
by ERIN AND LAURA August 25, 2003
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