A softball or baseball player, who is known for hitting homeruns, or hard line drives.
Man that guy is a real masher.
#masher #bomb #baseball #softball #homerun
by thatboybrandyn January 21, 2008
Top Definition
A man who attempts to force his unwelcome attentions on a woman.
A woman is approached and touched by a man in an inappropriate way. She could respond by hitting him with her purse and yelling "Masher!"
by MC April 15, 2004
A person (usually a man) who gains sexual gratification by inappropriately rubbing against strangers in crowed public places.
It was crowded, but it wasn't that crowded. The guy didn't need to rub his package against my ass as he "squeezed by" - what a masher!
#flasher #pervert #groping #inappropriate #peeping tom
by Rachel Harvieux May 02, 2006
A woman, lesbian or not, who cross dresses as a man.
An old fashioned British term made popular in the music halls in the late 1800’s
There’s a couple of mashers on stage
#women #cross dressing #lesbian #music halls #tipping the velvet
by squishedpeaches August 20, 2006
A man who rubs his genitals against female commuters on packed trains and/or buses.
Ew. I was sat next to a masher on my way to work today.
#masher #mashers #pervert #loser #creep
by NoOneReally December 04, 2013
A man who feigns serious interest in a woman but is really only interested in a sexual escapade. A player
Be careful. He's a masher.
#player #good guy #snake #mash note #casanova
by B Barron July 02, 2006
A great guy, generally ginger who likes the odd tipple here and there.

His favourite colour is almost always orange.

He's an awesome friend that's the life and soul of the party and he will always be there for you when you need him.

He has a great booty that he ain't afraid to shake!
Can you see him dancing, I mean REALLY dancing? That guy's clearly a Masher

Masha is defined as an awesome guy with a great booty that don't need no explaining
#top bloke #awesome #wild #natty #orange
by Dudderz June 09, 2015
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