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the dark overlord created from sif's hatred, he can control the undead and the darkness. he is the father of maia, the wife of sif. he has hundreds of undead and darkness influenced minions and he plans to rule the world. sif stands in the way of this so he plans to declare a dark a war so he can end it all
masden killed my village with his undead army
#death #darkness #evil #sif #undead
by sifsand November 28, 2011
Masden is a unique name. She is one of the greatest friends you'll ever have. She doesn't try to make anyone mad over any circumstance and always brings a smile to your face, somehow. She is beautiful and very very smart. She is nice to everyone, but she knows when to be real with someone. She is strong and has a good heart. She overcomes all tough obstacles, sometimes without a stumble. She is so so talented and blessed with many wonderful things in her life. She is a great person.
See Masden over there? She so fly.
#good #talented #blessed #great #beautiful
by Laura Bethhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh May 21, 2011
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