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ano. slut hoes who pray to jesus every now and then and ask him if they could be a marlborough grl. WEll cuz they go to school and just sit in the classroom pretending to learn and just soak up eachothers SlUTTYNESS while marlborough grls go to larchmont and pick up hott guys
and then go back to school and actually learn alittle sumthin sumthin

and then they go to COLLEGE and get a JOB (those are two things that im sure a marymount grl would never even think of)

its a shame really
sexy guy # 1: Dude my dad let me use his BMW lets go pic up some Marymount

sexy guy #2: NOOO dude lets stop by Marlborough those girls are HOTT and they actually have some food in there system, I mean seriously those Marymount chicks starve themselfs. Plus they're ugly hoes!

sexy guy # 2: Good point for get i said that!
Bitchy Catholic girls who are too dumb to get into Marlborough
Marlborough teaches you how to make the millions, Marymount teaches you how to marry into millions
by Kiki January 12, 2005
the dumb school full of girls who are mostly jealous of marlborough girls because they not only get more guys, but are not sluts. marymount girls are more than often found totally drunk.
marlborough girls will be nice enough to give girls from marymount jobs as janitors when they are the CEO of some huge company
by Some one February 04, 2005