All-girls school on Sunset Blvd with the most gorgeous talented girls in Los Angeles...who don't hate their lives the way Marlborough and Notre Dame girls do.
Hottest uniforms in california.
by Loyola stud #1 February 16, 2005
Every girl who goes to Marymount is smart, athletic, and beautiful. They are nice to each other and some may be slutty, but really so is everyone these days. They get all the gorgeous boys and go to all the great parties, while maintaining good grades. Marymount pushes the girls to excel academically, athletically and socially. Everyone girl who has gone to Marymount should be lucky because they are going to go somewhere in life.
Girl One: Is that my boyfriend staring at the Marymount girl?

Girl Two: Yes he is and so is every other guy in this place.
by woohoo3847 May 20, 2009
all these definitions seem to be about marymount in las angeles but they are all over the world. there is one in New York City and it is pretty sweet. In the US they are all girls private catholic schools but many of the international schools abroad have boys as well and/or are boarding schools. Marymount NY girls are very smart.
marymount field hockey has sexy uniforms.
by marymounter September 13, 2008
Truth is Marymount girls ARE 50% slutty and boy crazy, but the other parts get into great colleges and can fend for themselves. Don't lie and say they don't trash other schools, they do, but with good reason, as other schools try to take away from what they have: a social life and great academic program. Also, they're great at sports.
Guy 1: I hooked up with a Marymount girl last night.
Guy 2: Oh my gf went there, now she goes to Yale.
Guy 1: This one plays volleyball on a scholarship but still has straight A's
by Smallandsmart October 11, 2011
A school for girls who are too busy insulting other schools to realize they're only making themselves look more stupid, sluttier, and bitchier than they would if they would just shut up and close they're mouths. I mean come one, unless your giving someone a blowjob, you can't really have a good reason to open up. I guess they have a rivalry with Marlboro, but I never really noticed because in the real world no one cares about high school rivalries. So seriously can you stupid sluts please just stop talking? It's giving us all migraines. Also, plasticity is not meant to be a trait of a human being, so you can remove the silicon please.
Wow, I was thinking about asking out this girl, she goes to Marymount. But then she opened her mouth and I realized she was just really stupid, bitchy, and a huge slut, who won't shut up about her retarded feuds with other highschool girls.
by you're_all_retarded January 29, 2011
Future blonde housewives of California.
Man: "My daughter went to Marymount where she became obsessed with being hotter and more fashionable than everyone else, and now she can neither spell nor tell you who the 17th President was."
Other Man: "Bummer."
by 7620 August 29, 2005
a catholic high school for girls who think they are beautiful and athletic and think that everyone in the world wants to fuck them, when in actuality everyone knows that they really are just desperate skanksand an easy lay.
~hoes on the hill

~sluts on sunset

~marry mount me

dude: where did you go to school?
marymount girl: marymount
dude: oh.... so your like a whore right?
by rob banks and stiel z. monet March 07, 2009

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