Previolsy called "marylin manson and the spooky kids". They are musically and lyrically talented artists in there own way like any artist. Thought there music is good there image is often blured by media and pop culture, often being mistaken for gothic or goth rock. Because of there scary image they are blamed for violence in society and such events. Also with the newest generation of posers often potraying them as a way to reciece instent gothic status there has been less popularity with the band.
John: hey steve, what you listening to?

steve: marylin manson... wana go get some yogurt

john: YA!!!

Orily: PwnZEd!!!!111!
by David Gio October 07, 2005
Top Definition
how you spell Marilyn Manson if you're mentally retarded.

Previolsy called "marylin manson and the spooky kids". They are musicaly and lyrikally talented artests in there own way like any artest.
by P. D October 20, 2007
A very good musician, has some brilliant songs, and has NOT had any ribs removed.

me: no......
by teh sprite October 18, 2007
A wannabe who thinks he does good music; whilst doing pure crap based on 3 chords and some electronic sounds done with comp programs. He thinks he is evil and his image is copied from late-80's scandinavian metal bands.
Ben: "OMFG. Marylin Manson is surely evil!! I shall listen to his crap to be popular and evil, too."

Zakk Wylde: "Get a fucking musical taste, n00b."

Necrobutcher, from Norwegian band "Mayhem": "Get a fucking evil-ness, n00b."

Aged Christian zealot: "Get a fucking life, n00b."
by Trickman September 17, 2006
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