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You know you're from Maryland if.
Going on vacation means going to Ocean City for the weekend.
You live within 10 square miles of snobby white people ghetto black people and rednecks.
You can't have french fries without either vinegar or old bay seasoning
Battle of the Beltways is infamous with the rivalries between the Baltimore and Washington D.C sports teams
You get annoyed when people say your from the south
You get annoyed when people say your from the northeast
You went to Port Discovery as a child
You took Maryland state history in the 4th grade
If you don't play lacrosse you know at least 20 people who do.
You always wear sun glasses regardless of what the weather is like outside.
You have broken up a crab before.
You know at least 5 people who are or were in the Navy.
You know what gogo music is.
A weekend road-trip means either going to historic southern Maryland or Downtown Annapolis.
You grill seafood regularly
You hate everything about Northern Virginia
You know a handful of people who work for the government.
You have worn your state flag in some way shape or form.
Every time you go to a large chain restaurant you see at least two people wearing suits.
You went to Sandy Point State Park as a child and thought it was really exotic.
You have been cut of by a car with 20,000 dollar rims on a 2,000 dollar car.
School gets closed for an inch of snow
You either have or have known people who work at Six Flags for their summer job
" Hey Jerry what state are you from ?"
" I'm from Maryland. "
by Silverfalcon May 20, 2013
10 0
Maryland is a small state in the I-95 corridor. A lot of people are real chill here, except when they go crazy and kill people. We got a lot of good music hear. For example All Time Low. That band is amazing. Basically to survive in maryland all you have to do is eat crabs. Everything is basically in (or close to) Maryland. Hit us up sometime well chill on Thames Street in B-more sometime.

Oh and btw the person who was dissing harford county might want to spell HARFORD right. Plus it's nice up here why are you dissing us?
Girl: Omg lyke ATL is the sweetest band eva!
Boy from Maryland: Um i went to school with those guys.
by Jtotheackie November 03, 2007
24 16
This state has everything beach, mountains,grass. It has the fourth best county in the country. HOCO (Howard County)
CRABS!! If you don't eat crabs then you don't belong. It's sub not hoagie, its hon not... well its just hon. Ocean City is the best beach but dirtiest town. Columbia is Prep capital of the world not to mention the is 12 High schools in the 3rd smallest county in the state.(Howard) Has the hottest girls at a university, Towson Baby!! No i don't go there but its nice to know. So move to the best state in the country its like a mini American to think of it!
Maryland rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Go Hammond Golden Bears!!!!!!!!!!Huntington Ma'Fuckas!!!!!!!!!!
by MistaMcVicka May 25, 2007
28 20
A beautiful state with something to offer for everyone. fishing, crabbing, sailing, boating, tiki bars, Chesapeake Bay..etc. all the other definitions i have read on here includes these and many other things, but one thing i have yet to see is hunting. hunting is a very well known tradition to marylanders especially on the Eastern Shore. The Eastern Shore is known for its great waterfowl hunting and terrific whitetail hunting. Chestertown on the Eastern Shore was at one time reffered to as Goose Hunting capitol of the world. Maryland is home Canvasbacks, Geese, Mallards, Black Ducks, Buffleheads, Wood Ducks, the list goes on and on. not to meantion the thousands of trophy whitetails taken on Maryland soil. basically when all the tourists leave for the winter, and the weather starts getting cold. that is when true marylanders put on there boots and camoflauge on and cherish this great state the best way they know how. Being Outdoors
1: I'm going to maryland on a hunting trip
2: i have never seen better goose hunting anywhere else
by Puddn October 30, 2011
8 1
Maryland is both one of the Southern United States and the South Atlantic States (look it up, US Census). Both geographically and historically it has been a southern state; it's right below the Mason Dixon Line! If the U.S. Government hadn't put the state under martial law during the civil war, it would of seceded to the confederecy! One of the stars on the stars and bars represents Maryland! Marylanders do speak with a southern accent; ex. Baltimorese, Eastern Shore, ex. The only reason some people may not speak with an accent is because they were born out of state or live in and around DC, which is an international city.Lisean,I am a northerner.I grew up in New York City. I've been to and through Maryland-ANYTHING south of Jersey and PA (Delaware and West Virginia included)is the south. Get over it, people.
I'm going down south to Maryland.
by Irish guy from NYC November 30, 2006
84 77
The state that has everything. Baltimore is real ghetto. The east is the southern part. The west is all mountainy and nice looking. There are suburbs, cities, and country. A kickass state in general, except for the sports. Orioles suck, and everyone wishes they didn't have to use DC as their teams for other sports. The only good team is the Ravens. Takoma Park is another ghetto near DC. DC has a screwed up economy because there are a lot of people living in it but nothing but government buildings. You can't find a good restaraunt or club or anything outside of Georgetown. Virginia is a really gay state though, its a downgraded version of Maryland's east coast, only not southern, just messed up. All the fine girls are in the cities of MD though. West Virginia is basically just a big piece of earth with people on it. The main point is to be better than Virginia, which it is.
Maryland is obsessed with sports, but has no sports teams. Not north or south. Just Maryland. Not suburbs or cities, both.
by KRSplat May 01, 2004
83 81
the place you know you're at when the weather is nicer, drier, clearer, or snowier everywhere else.
1.Gee, it seems like that big blizzard is really hammering the East Coast!

Except it's just raining a little in Maryland.

1.Wow, the weather in the East is really nice for a midsummer day!

Except I hear it's still pretty hot and humid in Maryland.
by Ayo wassup December 14, 2008
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