Your Virginity.
The term comes from the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus.
A: Have you lost your Mary yet?
B: No.
A: Queer.
by ArgonEnigma May 13, 2011
Some ratty whore who steals guys from everyone.
She enjoys annoying people older than her.
She doesn't know the definition of mature.
She also needs to stop trying to get all the attention.
Person 1:Hey where's Mary?
Person 2: She's fucking Gigi's boyfriend over there
Person 1: Why would she do that?
Person 2: Because, SHE'S MARY!
by yes.no1818 January 06, 2013
Name given usually to catholic girls/women. Although the name denotes purity, they are usually the skankiest whores around. Women with this name usually have a sweet shell which is only hiding the snake within. Usually homely and not very pretty to look at, Mary's are very good at changing their personalities depending on who they are with. Women with this name cannot be trusted and should be kicked in the genitals at first sight.
-Hey, who's that girl with your boyfriend?
-We're not dating anymore. And that's Mary, she whored her way into his bed last night.


-Wow, look at that slut dancing on the bar. She's kinda ugly, I bet her name is Mary.
by drdoonlittle July 13, 2012
MARY is the #699 most common male name.
0.009% of men in the US are named MARY.
Around 11025 US men are named MARY!

MARY is the #1 most common female name.
2.629% of females in the US are named MARY.
Around 3351975 US females are named MARY!

MARY is the #12571 most common last name.
0.001% of last names in the US are MARY.
Around 2500 US last names are MARY!
Kristen: Mary is my best friend!
Britney: You wish!
Kristen: Ya I know! Just kidding!
by SAKURASAKU October 28, 2006
Token feme fatale. Mary dates all the hottest men in the universe including a certain Desmond Hume and Sayid Jarrah on their on remote island. She is the inventor of many know commonly used pop catch phrases such as, "Ha Ha Ha, Hilary Enns." & "Let's Sweeney Todd him." She takes the best pictures and holds sleepover parties in whic heveryone gets so drunk they cannot remember what they discussed and did the night before but the vaguely remember corn.
Nicknames: Turk.
Theme Song: Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson.
Beverage: All of them are supplied that those parties...
Catchphrase: "Ha, Ha, Ha, Hilary Enns."

You can sing her name to the tune of Lollipop-not the Lil' Wayne song, the classic one. She is amazing, screams at children in Chuck E. Cheese. Sings very well. Her hit single? "I Can Sing!" The words? "I'm Johanna, I can sing, la la la!" and that's pretty much it.

On the surface, quiet & unassuming. But once you get to know her, Mary exhibits a lack of inhibition and a wide range of emotions, from infectious glee to inordinate rage. Becomes very distracted at the sight of modern transportation conveniences, such as red cars and airplanes. Aside from the blatant and appropriate rants, Mary is almost always cheerful, happy, and a joy to be around. Let's face it--if you don't like Mary, you suck.
I can rock out just like a Mary
by MMMJ August 15, 2008
Mary: permanent state of pregnancy
omg mary 's preggers again..
by marrymarrymaryomgshesostoopid October 31, 2010
In the old Aramic language it means the taste of the sea water.
In Arabic it means the woman who likes to be associated with men in a non sexual way.
Mary had a little lamb
by Ankido September 11, 2006

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