Marys tend to be very confusing people and hard to understand at times. Mary's are confident but shy. She tends to be outgoing and a bit obbseseve. She will be a hopeless romantic and fall in love with people who she has no chance with. She will tend to fall and spill things, a bit of a clumsy person. Despite her love not loving her she is not afraid to express that she loves him. Mary would be described as a creative, outgoing, fun and so much more. Her style tends to be very self expressive and bold. The only likely soulmate name is Haidyn. And she is very likely to grow up and many kids. Despite all we know about her name she is still a very complex person to understand.
He was smiling because he had seen Mary for the first time.
by urbantruthsunfolded March 10, 2015
Mary is super mysterious. she often dose not tell people what she is thinking about. She has a kind heart but is surrounded by a hard shell. She will always be there for you no matter what, but sometimes isn't there for herself. She can rip a bong and could beat any guy in a beer chugging contest. her dark ways makes her sexy and creative. She is not smartest in school, and often struggles, but her creativity makes up for her lack of intelligence and motivation.
Who is that girl wearing a Nirvana tee?
Oh that's just Mary!
by Mary May 21, 2014
Definition: verb: beautiful: usually ending with the surname Hayman, this kind of mary can be very beautiful and very amazing given the right amount of time. A Mary Hayman is the kind of girl who is completly perfect in every way and is there even when you cant see her because if you just look up, you'll see her shining brighter than the rest. When she smiles your going to smile, theres no doubt, when she laughs, well lets just say a Mary Hayman can attract massive audiences with it. But when she cries, it's like the whole world stops and you have to be there and look after that, because if you do, the love you get back is outstanding. It takes a big amount of luck for one to come into your life, but when you do get one, use this simple phrase a lot: I LOVE YOU. Because she enjoys the little things, so make her smile :) Mostly a Mary Hayman can be very funny and witty, can be a bit mental if you leave her to do things by herself so give her all the love and attention she needs. Has a cat called floyd and a dog called cleo to help her with her history. Most people cannot find a Mary Hayman, usually found in my arms, and if anybody tries to take her, she can have a hot temper and will bite. She is so unique and beautiful in her own ways that heaven doesnt even compare to this girl, and as there is only one of her and shes in my arms, I class myself as the luckiest guy alive....
Faggot 1: WWOOOAAAHH !

Faggot 2: what you WOOAAHHing at?
Faggot 1: Check that mary hayman how beautiful can she be !

Faggot 2: I agree, id tap that
Me: Right you smelly faggots, back off because she's mine and nobody elses

Faggot 1: daaaayuuum !

Faggot 2: Lucky prick ....
by DannyBuoooy March 02, 2010
A woman from the television show supernatural who is dead. On the ceiling. She died in a fire on November 2nd, 1983.
John and Mary Husband and wife.
Bringing home a brand new life.
The Demons started to come.
They burned my mother.
-Dean Winchester
by Two.Sociopaths.In.An.Impala. February 16, 2015
A word used by homosexuals to call others insted of using the word dude, bra, etc..
You think you better than me Marys....
by jacobe renadez June 25, 2008
When a person is acting like a bitch
Ok mary, ear your food and be quite..
Your acting like a mary
by jenleif March 18, 2015
1. The girl who is always perfect and can do no wrong ever.

2. A term of endearment

3. When at a party/club and you forget someones name it is acceptable to call them "Mary". This only works if the indivudal is a woman, transvestite, drag queen, or homosexual man.
1. "Jesus! Mary could burn the fucking house down and get a medal for it."

2. "Oh I love you too Mary!!!!"

3. "Hey Mary where's the bathroom?" "Down the hall and to the left you saucy bitch"
by Mary Evyone Crenshaw January 02, 2011

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