The most amazing person who was ever conceieved onto this earth.
The girl who does anything to make me smile!

She will take anyones breath away.
Why aren't you breathing? Ohhh, did you meet Mary?
by Kirst. February 10, 2009
1. The prettiest girl I've ever seen
2. Someone who I never get bored with
3. Someone who is completely understanding
4. She is sooooo interesting and thoughtful
5. Someone who is spontaneous
6. A girl that will be honest with you
7. The one who will always be there for me
8. Someone who takes care of herself
9. My bff
10. The one I love
I <3 Mary
by biGdog372 November 11, 2012
A Mary is someone who seems shy, quiet, and frightened at everything but when you get to know her she is really outgoing, talkative, and brave. Holy because of her name, she will stay an innocent angel, never doing anything wrong. A Mary is a great singer, sweet and caring, and optimistic. Either a Cheerleader or a Popular Prep. Girly. Usually a peacemaker. Ditzy and unaware of pervy things going on. Lives in her own world.
Person: "haha, that joke was awesome!"
Mary: "Wait, I don't get it."

Person: "Mary's so quiet!"
Friend: "Are you kidding? She doesn't shut up!"

Friend: "We're not gonna win!"
Mary: "Not with that attitude! Go!!! SPARTANS!"
by AnOtHeR_mArY October 24, 2009
Absolutely beautiful on the inside and out. Has infectious laughter and always brightens up the room with her gorgeous smile.
Mary busts out in laughter and everyone can't help but smile.
by Mary's friend Ali February 03, 2010
In Montreal, a Mary is used to describe someone with incredible wit and good looks. Often bookish and lovable, a Mary is rare and the phrase should be used sparingly. The term was coined in the summer of 2008.
"Look at how elegantly she changes sidewalk. Like a shooting star crossing the sky. She's a Mary."
by Anonymous005001 September 25, 2008
The girl that loves people for who they are. Always looked to as a friend or someone to get help from.
Man 1:"How about that girl Mary?"

Man2: "Oh she's definitely a keeper."

Man 1: "Boy she is fine."
by JJBizzle March 25, 2010
An Angel of hope and salvation that lights up the world of all that know her.
The moment Mary said she loved me, I was happy beyond belief.
by GTDEX2k8ee December 28, 2008

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