Definition: verb: beautiful: usually ending with the surname Hayman, this kind of mary can be very beautiful and very amazing given the right amount of time. A Mary Hayman is the kind of girl who is completly perfect in every way and is there even when you cant see her because if you just look up, you'll see her shining brighter than the rest. When she smiles your going to smile, theres no doubt, when she laughs, well lets just say a Mary Hayman can attract massive audiences with it. But when she cries, it's like the whole world stops and you have to be there and look after that, because if you do, the love you get back is outstanding. It takes a big amount of luck for one to come into your life, but when you do get one, use this simple phrase a lot: I LOVE YOU. Because she enjoys the little things, so make her smile :) Mostly a Mary Hayman can be very funny and witty, can be a bit mental if you leave her to do things by herself so give her all the love and attention she needs. Has a cat called floyd and a dog called cleo to help her with her history. Most people cannot find a Mary Hayman, usually found in my arms, and if anybody tries to take her, she can have a hot temper and will bite. She is so unique and beautiful in her own ways that heaven doesnt even compare to this girl, and as there is only one of her and shes in my arms, I class myself as the luckiest guy alive....
Faggot 1: WWOOOAAAHH !

Faggot 2: what you WOOAAHHing at?
Faggot 1: Check that mary hayman how beautiful can she be !

Faggot 2: I agree, id tap that
Me: Right you smelly faggots, back off because she's mine and nobody elses

Faggot 1: daaaayuuum !

Faggot 2: Lucky prick ....
by DannyBuoooy March 02, 2010
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The best girl a guy could wish for, They dont get any better than her
I would be happy to be with mary as long as possiable
by buthead March 27, 2008
A very beautiful girl both inside and out. She is very sweet and funny. She likes to tell stories with no point, and laughs for long periods of time at her own jokes. She has a contagious smile that can't help but spread to others. Her heart is filled with joy, and she very much enjoys doing things for other people. She can be clever and sarcastic and somewhat witty. She may not be the prettiest girl out there, but her joy and her compassionate heart makes her more beautiful than one can imagine. Her style is all her own. The love she has for her family is irreplacable. She is artistic and creative. She isn't like everyone else...and that's just the way Mary should be.
She doesn't dress hipster...she dresses like Mary.
by Joseph Mary's Man September 15, 2011
one who is seemingly innocent.

Mary is commonly known as a good girl, for example: the virgin mary ... however Mary is a bad girl who never gets caught.
person1: ...christian cheerleader? a Mary?!?!
person2: yeah, at practice and chruch is a goody good... but you should've seen her at the party.
by baisemoi October 08, 2006
The most amazing name ever.
The person who gets annoyed when people sing "Mary had a little lamb" and "Mary mary quite contrary".
The person who was stupid enough to go to a catholic school, where there was a person in her class called Joseph.

But she's still amazing.
Don't deny it, you know it's true.
Fat Ass: Mary, mary, quite contrary, how does you garden grow?
Mary: Fuck you.

Fat Ass 2: Mary had a little lamb.
Mary: No fatty, she didn't
by Maaary! November 05, 2007
Dude, she's AMAZING!
Mary is just a chill kind of girl. She likes sports and being outdoors. She can be a bitch. She is beautiful. Great smile. She loves to make people laugh, and she is very good at it. She does not really like it when she gets complements. She is simple. She is happy. She is a badass.
Boy: Mary, you're such a badass

Mary: Dude, i know right?
by Ihleovcortfw. February 14, 2010
Mary is full of life, witty, and fun...She has a biblical name which suggests one who is holy and pure, but she is actually naughty and nice, mixed into one beautiful package. She keeps you guessing and you always look forward to her presence...she is loyal, true-blue, and forever yours if you keep her mentally stimulated which sets the tone for the rest of the relationship...a definite keeper...
Mary, Mary quite contrary...sugar and spice, and everything nice...
by ChaiChi February 09, 2010
An amazing girl, she is pretty and fun to be around. I would do anything to make Mary smile.
Mary is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, I can not get her out of my mind
by nicholasbot April 26, 2010

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