Shortened form of the word martyrdom, used in the Xbox 360 and PC game Call of Duty 4 to express disgust for the use of the "martyrdom perk" in which a downed enemy drops a live grenade upon death, often catching the unwitting killer in the blast. Players often whine about this game mechanic as unfair but are usually quickly met with the counter argument that it is indeed part of the game and that if they cannot handle COD4, they should go play World of Warcraft.
"Ha! You walked right over my marty grenade!"
"Damn marty nade! Get rid of that noob perk!"
"Whine some more, maybe they'll remove it in the next update. Fat chance, if you can't handle the heat, go play WoW nub."
by Alan Didion June 12, 2008
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Absolutly amazing guy. Can be the sexy boyfriend or the best friend that you can tease and have a good time with. Incredibly attractive, hot, cute and sexy all in one. Fun to be around and an amazing kisser. Has gorgous eyes, athletic, has an amazing smile, and can seem shy, but only at first. The kind of guy that you can't believe is actually yours and when you catch his eye across the room you can't help but smile. Has a good sense of humor and loves to just hang out and cuddle for a while or go crazy and party all night, whatever you want babe. A great friend and an ever greater person, if you're lucky enough to find a Marty, keep him and never let him go because you'll have an impossible time finding a guy so amazing.
I love Marty.

He's Marty, do I even need to say any more?
by ~JMG~ June 12, 2011
This bad-ass mother from round the way who takes bong tokes like a fucking man.
damn, look at Dr. Marty hit that shit.
The unique combination of looks, confidence, glib and projection of sexual potential that comprises a man's ability to attract a female. Also known at the man-vibe, mack or mojo.
"Damn, my Marty must be off cuz I thought for sure she'd suck my dick."
by LiteracyMan March 08, 2007
A high-roller or billionaire playboy. Usually exclusive to the south florida region, however, can live anywhere in the world. A Marty drives an expensive car such as a Bentley or Lexus and throws money around all the time.
Bro, I can't afford that audemars piguet watch, I'm not Marty!
by SEHG35 December 24, 2009
Someone who selflessly gives of themselves. One who is altruistic and kind. One who works against all odd without, at times, the thanks of others. One who makes a great difference in all lives they touch.
That woman is such a Marty. She is always working to help. I wish I had her capabilities and drive!
by Juiciest Gem November 09, 2011
The droplets of sweat that are usually found on the back of one's shirt. They can also be found on the front of a shirt, and these are referred to as frontal marties.
Bernie has a serious case of the marties.
by thebarrish July 03, 2009
When my wife and kids were going out of town recently my daughter looked at me and said "You should have a Marty." I had no idea what she was talking about so I said, "What's a Marty" and she responded "a man party".

"That's awesome," I said.

I have never been more proud of my daughter.
"You guys THIS IS IT, my wife and kids are finally going on that overnight trip for her 3rd cousins graduation from middle school and I'm throwing a Marty."
by Admiral Crunch2 July 20, 2012

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