Martha's vineyard is a perfect place off the coast of cape cod. If you do not stay in Edgartown you really are not in Martha's Vineyard. Its where the most beautiful houses, beaches and people are. If you are the crem de la crem of the vineyard you will have a parking spot with your name on it in Edgartown, be a member of the exclusive yacht club (which has a waiting list), and have a home over 15 million. When the sun goes down is when things in the vineyard get hot. The parties are not to be missed and being too drunk or on too many drugs does not exsist, it just adds to the spirit of this fantastic place.
My Martha's Vineyard To Do List:
Mix a Mimosa for breakfast
Go to the beach
Pour a few glasses of Pinot Grigo for lunch
Go back to the beach
Drink everything in the liquor cabinet (maybe blow something)
Go out and party
by lovin MV August 29, 2006
The place where everyone that anyone goes in the summer. Kennedy's, Clintons, everyone in Connecticut, New York and Greater Boston area. The place is the shit where snotty kids ride around in their parents Range Rovers or slum it on their "beach" cars which are almost always a Jeep Wagoneer or first model Range Rover. Houses are all over 2 million and I feel bad for anyone who has to live there year round...becuase they clean up the houses of spoiled kids and deal with our shit. Because they have to. Oh ya the coke sucks there...
I go to the Vineyard...and ya, I'm better than you.
by Coke-head on the beach March 30, 2005
A very nice little island off the coast of Massachusetts. Its residents believe that the summer tourists, most of which are quite wealthy and have multimillion-dollar homes there, are stupid and snoobish. Unfortunately, this is not true, as the all year inhabitants are drug abusers and alcoholics.

The Island is well known to be the summer homes of the wealthy and quite a few celebrities, including the Clintons and Actor/Director Spike Lee.
I can't wait to get down to the Vineyard and rub money in those people's faces.

If you don't have a summer home on Martha's Vineyard, you are either a pauper living there or a pauper anywhere else.

"I love to laugh in the faces of the year-round residents who clean my home. I believe I'll go out on the yacht... you, Vineyarder, make yourself useful and bring the cask of Sherry!"
by ScottPwn0r October 24, 2007
the best vacation place in america. an island in the Atlantic that is next to nantucket. best places in MV are OAK BLUFFS, west tisbury, vineyard haven. fuck edgartown!
edgartown is for snobby ass bitches who have never seen the cool "real" part of MV, oak bluffs.
all the cook kids chill in oak bluffs BIATCH
by your best friend May 15, 2005
It really sucks and it is fucking boring there.
I wanna go home to Boston! Martha's Vineyard sucks.
by Sandy Candy September 08, 2005
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