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Former wet dream of the Polish Prince
Krystian sure does miss Marta's hot thongs since she moved back to Poland. (See Natalie)
by Chunk July 11, 2003
A type of person who talks way too much. They can't hold a conversation, and if you see their name on your caller ID you feel like shooting yourself. But you like to stay their friend because they're really fun at parties. They also can bring your mood up 24/7.
Girl 1; I hope that girl is coming to the party tonight.

Girl 2; Whyyy?

Girl 1; Because she's a total Marta!

Girl 2; SWEET!
by Sake(: October 24, 2009
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Tranist Authority
Marta operates the best subay/EL system in the country
by The HOODLUM January 04, 2004
a super hot croatian chick who hates her life and wishes she could drive
marta: "oh man, i hate my life! i wish i could drive!"
by znas tko... ;) December 28, 2004
a hot, cute croatian girl, who loves ice skatin for 1 special reason-(Tim)
marta-"men, i wish we could go ice skatin 2day, so i can c T**
by karla February 19, 2005
a sexy cock blocka
Marta blocks cocks like a man with no socks.
by Marta July 14, 2003
a mormon ho thats in love with moe and whos not really mormon
Marta fucks Keith in the evening.
by im sexy November 01, 2003