Atlanta rapid transport, short for "Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta". So named for being popular with the You people, a tribe of African refugees currently occupying Atlanta.
If you're not sure if you're alone on a dark MARTA bus, crack a joke.
by turkeyfister November 02, 2011
Atlanta's heavy rail transit system that is underfunded to keep "those people" out of the white sparwlburbs.
I hate seeing MARTA trains zip by on 400 while stuck in traffic during my two hour commute home to Woodstock.
by Jason June 19, 2004
She's the sweetest girl you can ever meet. She's extremely adorable, loving and caring. Has an amazing smile, beautiful personality and absolutely fun to be with. Truly honest and trust worthy. Rockin body with a big booty. She's got her flaws but if you can't handle them, you're definitely not worth her time. If you stick with her, you'll never regret it. Quite a kinky girl, but you'll enjoy her. She's a KEEPER, trust.
by ilo ilo November 07, 2009
Puffalicous, fun to be around. Most awsome person you will ever meet. Usually has the most blondest hair. The best friend a person could have.She is a brace face that everyone loves. Has a great sense of humor. You are my gruffie and we're bffls. When you need her the most she is always there, and she'll make you laugh until your face hurts.
by rrarr and had February 13, 2013
I love you darling!
David loves Marta all day, every day.
by David June 10, 2004
tr.v. mar·ta, mar·a·ing, mar·atyrs
the redneck version of "To make a marta of, especially to put to death for devotion to religious beliefs. "
To inflict great pain on; torment.
dat man der mada mart-a outta himsulf when he damn near shot da president.
by solkat March 11, 2004
The hottest girl from Europe ever! The hottest of her sisters, Maggie and Marcella.
Märta Madsen is hot.
by cool person November 10, 2003

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