The stuff thst your bones are made of.
Except from BELOVED: "They took it! They took my marrow! My marrow! My marroooooowww!!!!!"
by They Stole My Marrow May 26, 2005
Top Definition
A very good looking woman, i.e., one who would be "bone material".
The girl was fine. She was marrow.
#bone #material #sexy #hot #girl
by solidus667 February 03, 2009
The act of a human being renacting the sounds cats use to portray sadness or displeasure.
I marrow-ed at the fat cow who dares sit at our launch table.
#meow #bea #displeasure #penis #ugly girls
by taylor dongogin December 23, 2007
Hannah's favourite toy.
Hannah was really getting off on that marrow.
by Alan January 18, 2004
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