A binding contract between a man and a woman to remain faithful to each other until death,usually taken in front of family,friends,etc but is still binding in front of a judge or pastor.

To have a succesful marriage,take "divorce " out of you vocabulary.
When jenny and sebastian got married they eant "this marriage will last until we die"
by Knight_of_7 September 28, 2010
1. A government contract, currently between a man and a woman, which creates a legal entity with legal rights bestowed upon it, as well as a government recognized tax status.

2. A contract that cannot be entered into legally without a government authorized license - See also Driver, Dog, Business, Liquor, Concealed Weapon, To Kill, etc.

3. A recognized legal status that may help a person become a citizen, assuming they can correctly tell an agent of the government what their wife wears to bed and if she hogs the covers or not.

4. The leading cause of divorce. (a precursor to divorce)(the first step to acquiring a divorce)

5. The result of Marrying.

6. Something begun with a license and a ceremony, and generally disolved with lawyers and judge, or by death.

7. A romantic notion of never-ending love. See also Fairy Tale

8. A ceremony that will have every detail planned, and way too much money spent, that will then transition into a possibly lifelong period that is given less advanced thought and/or financial planning.
Their marriage was begun in a church and ended in a court.

Their marriage ensured that they would be taxed at a lower rate than being single, but not as low as an LLC, LP, or Corp, which, unlike marriage, can only be entered into for legitimate purposes.

Their marriage was in question with the Department of Immigration and Naturalization Services, as he didn't seem to be the type of person an American girl would want to marry.
by GMoney2009 July 31, 2009
A religious civil union of two persons;
A legal union for the protection of children
In most European countries, no religious ceremony is recognized by the state. (True separation of church and state.) Therefore, all church weddings occur only after a state ceremony.
In the Netherlands, even gays may marry by the state even though the church doesn't recognize it.
After a couple's marriage, all children born are considered to have automatic declaration of paternity.
by anne treasure, St. Croix, VI September 06, 2007
The sacred uniting of a couple witnessed before God, not always everlasting, but with the intent to be. Though men say its the 'beginning of the end,' we all know they secretly want it too, if not why ask? - usually the best day of a woman's' life and will forever be remembered.
'My life is so wonderful right now everything is perfect!'

'They must have had a marriage'
by tankerbelle October 02, 2012
A God-ordained union between a man and a woman.
Marriage--And a woman shall leave her mother and father and cleave herself to her husband.
by OneHeart432 January 04, 2012
A sacred union between two people who love one another. Can be between a man and a woman, a man and a man, or a woman and a woman (or should be and is in some states).
by s0phfeist June 27, 2010
a bond between two people in love
Dillon and Nichole are in love so they arranged a marriage.
by nicholeispretty June 20, 2007

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